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About Us


Principal's Message

          Arroyo is a school dedicated to growing, engaging, and enriching the hearts and minds of all students. We prioritize cultivating a safe and nurturing school environment where all students have access to high quality, rigorous, and relevant learning opportunities. Student development, safety, and wellness are our highest priorities.

          The Arroyo Staff is committed to evolving and growing professionally as interdependent members or our school learning community, in support of student learning. We remain steadfast in our commitment to work in partnership with our parents and the community at large to ensure that each student thrives in school. We believe that strong home school relationships are paramount in our goals of continuous school improvement.

          Our mission is to cultivate curiosity, connectedness, and courage in the hearts and minds of our Mustangs. Curious kids are motivated, innovative, and engaged learners. Connected kids are confident, inclusive, and empathetic learners. Courageous kids are compassionate risktakers who care about the environment, never give up, and always try their best.

          We consider it both a privilege and an honor to support our young, #mustangSTRONG Arroyo scholars and their families. Together, we are difference makers. Our students will undoubtedly go on to change the world!

Respectfully yours,

Katy Sheyka

School Cheer

Every day in every way we get a little better - HEY!